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Hello Everyone!! It is us, The Minecraft Ice Twins! We welcome you to our new website! Before you read more of whats on our website, let us introduce ourselves! My name is IceCait101! I love minecraft, Carrie Underwood, country music, and SUMMER!!! I also love playing minecraft with my best friend IceGrace101. She likes 1D, music, minecraft, summer, and The Walking Dead. You may think that were just regular girls born and raised in a small town, who just loves Minecraft. But together, were The Minecraft Ice Twins, (aka Grace Cait) and we love our fans and friendship! subscribe us on youtube, ... JPOXvb0jIaHare5GO_2g. Like us on facebook, ... mp;ref_type=bookmark. And soon, follow us on twitter! Thanks guys!! Your all awesome!!!
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